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U.S. Civil War: The US-Russian Alliance that Saved the ...

April 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Civil War, which began when Confederate forces opened fire upon Fort Sumter in (...) [Voltaire Network]

Triple Alliance | Definition, Countries, Facts ...

Triple Alliance: Triple Alliance, secret agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed in May 1882 and renewed periodically until World War I when, despite renewals of the pact in 1907 and 1912, Italy entered into the war in opposition to Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance ...

The Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance or Sino- Soviet Treaty of ... One of its most important points was the provision of a $300 million loan from the Soviet Union to the PRC, which had suffered economically and ...

American Alliance of Jews and Christians | Rabbi Daniel …

Dear Friend— With our uniquely American celebration—Thanksgiving—fast approaching, I want to thank you for your consistent and generous support of my work here at the American Alliance of Jews and Christians.This year we have been focusing our efforts on these four challenges:

Mercosur - Wikipedia

Mercosur's purpose is to promote free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency. The official languages are Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani. Since its foundation, Mercosur's functions have been updated, amended, and changed many times: it is now a full customs union and a trading bloc.

Amazon.com: NATO 1948: The Birth of the Transatlantic ...

This compelling history brings to life the watershed year of 1948, when the United States reversed its long-standing position of political and military isolation from Europe and agreed to an "entangling alliance" with ten European nations.

Alliance of Therapy Dogs - A National Therapy Dog …

Learn about the Alliance of Therapy Dogs - A volunteer organization of dedicated therapy dog handlers and their dogs on a mission of sharing smiles and joy.

The Alliance Hypothesis for Human Friendship - NCBI - NIH

Our results suggest that the alliance hypothesis merits further ... as a candidate explanation for human friendship.

Alliance Synonyms, Alliance Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

Synonyms for alliance at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for alliance.

Penn Treaty Museum

History tells us that during this "Treaty of Amity and Friendship" between Penn and the American Indians, that an exchange of Wampum Belts took place.

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